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Back in 2020 and comments on building regs

There may have been slowness on here for the last year but please don’t stop holding your breath.   I’ve been spending the entire year planning some exciting blog posts for the next few years.

2020:  Stay tuned for a cynical sweep on the building regs and a sign off so I can officially live here.

2021:  Watch as I undo most of the stuff I did for building regs to improve insulation and make the house damp free.

2022:  Do the stuff I should have been doing in the first place.

2023:  Sell up and move to Norfolk.  Retire and get some chickens and a really big cat to eat them.

This is the pub to house building regs that I keep complaining about.  They assume you will gut the building back to brick and that it has no existing damp issues.  In that case adding a bit of insulation behind the plasterboard would have less than 30 year payback.

The house is fine and worth preserving so I don’t want to strip it back to brick.   I know the building regs are intended to make it environmentally friendly but it is sometimes a struggle.  It’s only a couple of walls will be temporarily insulated.

I could have hidden the green mould walls of the kitchen behind plasterboard but I prefer to do things properly.   The work on the kitchen would have been thousands of years payback, and that is not environmentally friendly as someone else will gut it within 50 years.

I was depressed this year but I have learned.   Main thing I learned is I need a job to keep me motivated and I have one now!  I’m really happy again.

I am going to be pragmatic but will try to still be environmentally responsible.   I’ll be shorter on time and  reckon the lowest environmental impact will be to get through regs and then and do it again properly afterwards.

I want a garage too and really ought to rebuild a garden wall so timing may vary from the published schedule.

UPDATE>   Following advice I’ll get building regs sign off for works completed so far and then move to the council building regs department for future work.