A new strategy

I’m still upset about building regs after a very poor meeting with the private building regs guy.    He has kindly offered to sign works off to date so I can move to the council building regs department.

It really is a complete nonsense.   Building regs require insulation for change of use unless the payback time is more than 15 years.   My heating bill is about £1000/year and I would be delighted to bung £15,000 into a pot to help people insulate their lofts if it might put an end to this misery.   That would actually be environmentally friendly and it would allow me to get on with my own insulation in my own time so I can make the house warm.

As it is I have stress I don’t need.  Still over £100K to go which might save that amount of energy over the next 500 years.   House will have fallen down by then if I don’t spend some of it on the structure.  Don’t have the money so need to work so don’t have the time.   Wouldn’t mind so much if any of this wasn’t a complete nonsense.

This has been going on for years but the good news is my mental health is improving now – I’ve been getting rid of any projects I don’t need, and have figured out a good backup plan for the house is to just give up.    It’s not officially a house but nobody has asked me to move out yet.

Promise the next post will be about actually doing something and will be attended with cheer and photos!