Initial Ideas for Plans

I don’t like the flat roof so I’m going to apply to add a pitched roof to make it prettier. I’ve put together an artist impression based roughly on the architect’s ideas. Only roughly – he reckons the conservation officer will prefer roof lights to windows. I’m tempted to propose some windows as I think roof lights at the front would look ugly.

I’ve painted in windows for the void and a new bathroom. Downstairs I’ve no idea what to do with the area that is currently the gents, but it looks nicer with a window or two.  Might look even better with some bigger windows.  I need to chat with the conservation officer to see if the gents toilet look is really worth preserving.


This is how it looks at the moment:


Building a new gable would leave a lot of 1960s style brick on the end view.  It might be nicer to finish the gable with weatherboard or render