Plaster Conservation (with Lining Paper)

The Bedroom is one of the older rooms in the house.   The blue colour is distemper on top of haired lime plaster on wattle and daub. The pink also appears to be lime and was applied by Edwardians who filled in the door opening to the right, raised the ceiling, then chopped a new door opening through the wall plate!

I’ve exposed the beams (I think the wall plates were originally exposed or hidden by the ceiling.  The tie beam was originally above the ceiling).


The original plaster was protected by wallpaper and is still in reasonable condition after several hundred years.   I’m covering it with lining paper.  At some point in the future someone will want to remove the wall covering and the lining paper should allow them to take the room back to plaster without too much damage.

It is my first time wallpapering and lining paper seems forgiving.   On the far wall the outline of the timber frame is quite visible.


It looks a lot better with the lining paper finished.   After a little filler the joints in the paper aren’t noticeable and the surface is nice and flat.