Attic Insulation

The exterior has been progressing well.  Another week of pointing should get it to the point where it can be finished without scaffolding.  The new bay window should arrive soon so I can get on with the front of the house.

It’s raining today which reminded me this is not a restoration project but a building regs change of use project involving insulation throughout the house.   The walls of the attic need to be 100mm Celotex, the pitched roof 140mm Celotex, and the loft space 300mm Earthwool.  Previously the space wasn’t insulated at all so it’s gone from one extreme to the other.


The Celotex is so thick it can be used as a structural material.   I’ve added a large cupboard on the side of the attic with the walls built with Celotex with the occasional bit of 2×2 where it needed extra stiffening.


I don’t believe the insulation spec required by building regs will pay for itself in fuel savings before it is replaced again, but it is forced by legislation.   A lesser insulation spec using natural materials might have been better, but we do not live in environmentally friendly times.